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Advanced Physical Therapy and Fitness

Advanced Physical Therapy and Fitness

Advanced Physical Therapy and Fitness

I was introduced to Physical Therapy (PT) as a profession while in high school during rehabilitation from a sports injury. I further became interested in pursuing PT as a career during my undergraduate studies at Union College in Lincoln, NE. While preparing to go to PT school I obtained by personal training certificate from the American College of Sports Medicine (ACSM), as well as a B.S. in Exercise Science from Union College.

Advanced Physical Therapy and Fitness

My physical therapy studies were completed at Andrews University in Berrien Springs, MI. I completed PT school in 2006, and since then I have been actively involved in the Andrews University post professional program for physical therapists. This program is currently affiliated with Aspire Orthopedic Manual Therapy Institute, which sets the highest standard in manual physical therapy practice. In 2017 I passed the specialty certification exam for both CMPT (certified manual physical therapist) and COMT (certified orthopedic manipulative therapist). In 2021 I passed the specialty exam for SMT (Spinal Manipulative Therapist). I have also received advanced training in the skill of Trigger Point Dry Needling (TDN), also known as Intramuscular Manual Stimulation (IMS). This technique is only taught to experienced, manually based PT’s and requires advanced knowledge of the human musculoskeletal system, bio-mechanics, and the trigger point theory as set forth by Travel and Simons.

What That Means For You

You get the whole package! Currently I am employing all of my skills and training as a Certified Orthopedic Manual Physical Therapist. I can offer you anything in the scope of orthopedic manual physical therapy including manipulation and trigger point dry needling! I am offering my specialty services to Greeley and surrounding communities to maximize the health and enjoyment of life’s activities for its residents! Take ownership of your health today and start living life pain free and maximize your physical potential today.

Educational Background

  • Bachelor of Science in Exercise Science | Union College, NE, 2003
  • Doctor of Physical Therapy | Andrews University, MI, 2006
  • Certified Manual Physical Therapist | NAIOMT 2017
  • Certified Spinal Manipulative Therapist | Aspire OMT 2021
  • Certified Health Fitness Specialist® | American College of Sports Medicine, 2002
  • NAIOMT Level 1 | Fundamentals of Orthopedic Manual Therapy, 2008
  • NAIOMT Level 2 | Intermediate Lower Quadrant, 2010
  • NAIOMT Level 2 | Intermediate Upper Quadrant, 2011
  • NAIOMT Thoracic Spine Course | 2010
  • NAIOMT Level 3 | Advanced Upper Quadrant, 2012
  • NAIOMT Level 3 | Advanced Lower Quadrant, 2012
  • NAIOMT Level 4 | Spinal Manipulation, 2016
  • NAIOMT CMPT | Passed Certification testing April 2017
  • NAIOMT COMT | Passed Certification testing June 2017
  • Aspire OMT | Advanced Clinical Reasoning June 2021
  • Trigger Point Dry Needling, Level I | 2011
  • Trigger Point Dry Needling, Level 2 Advanced | 2011

CK, Loveland, CO

I met Tom while rehabilitating from a dislocated knee cap from playing volleyball. His style of using exercise in rehab, in addition to stretching, appealed to me. I especially liked how he would state what I should feel during an exercise and if I wasn’t feeling that he would have me adjust until I was doing the exercise in such a way that it was working the muscle appropriately. Over the course of the years, Tom has helped me rehab from several injuries. I have joked with family that if he didn’t do such a good job of helping me get over the injuries, I would have to stop playing volleyball and then I wouldn’t have any other injuries!

I cannot say enough about how great it has been to work with Tom and how much he has improved my life. I would hate to give up volleyball and with all of Tom’s work I have not had to. If you have the chance to work with him, either through the course of physical therapy or personal training, I cannot recommend him enough.

LC, Greeley, CO

I have longstanding Arthritis and Osteoarthritis. When I first started working with Dr. Cleveland, I had a lot of stiffness, difficulty walking and pain, almost daily. Now I have fewer days of pain, and when I am in pain, it is more tolerable. I have learned how to deal with my physical issues. My posture has improved, and I no longer get into a situation of immobility. Dr. Cleveland is a very kind and compassionate care giver. As a nurse, familiar with the human body, I am in awe of his strong knowledge base. He is an outstanding provider, salient in skills and always supportive. He takes time to truly understand problems, and has a keen ability to diagnose and treat (movement dysfunctions). He employs various treatment modalities such as manual hands on therapy, dry needling, and taping. His treatment plans are superior to any of my prior experiences with physical therapists or physicians. I am truly grateful for all the help he has provided, and it is without hesitation that I strongly recommend Dr. Cleveland’s clinic.

Tom Cleveland, PT, DPT, CMPT, SMT

If you have aches, pains, or just want to improve your ‘game’, I would like to invite you to take advantage of our free, no obligation consultation.

NK, - Greeley, CO

I am a 16 year old athlete. I had been having problems with my hip and shin splints when I played basketball. These issues carried on through the start of the school year and kept getting worse. Then I decided to try PT with Tom because nothing else was helping. I could not even jog without my hip hurting and my shins firing up. I was very inhibited and couldn't get better at my sport. After 4 months of PT and a lot of working, stretching, and needles I feel great and I just finished my basketball season and am moving into off season training without problems!

MF, - Greeley, CO

The treatment and exercises have greatly assisted in overall range of motion, balance, and confidence in my daily movements. I am happy with my decision to seek PT as an option and I have learned a tremendous amount.

CB, - Greeley, CO

My strained muscle in my left hip caused me pain walking, performing household chores, and skiing. With a few therapy sessions and specific exercises I now am pain free and happily skiing down the slopes.

MM, - Greeley, CO

Dr. Cleveland did a miraculous job of fixing an issue I was having with neck and chest pain. I cannot thank Tom enough for all he has done for me. Now my Tennis game is back to normal and my neck and chest pain is manageable!

What People are saying about their experience with Trigger Point Dry Needling

CK, Loveland, CO

Almost immediate relief’ following treatment

CK, Loveland

I sleep so much better at night’

SJ – Windsor

Incredible progress

SJ – Windsor

‘I’m sleeping better at night, I have more energy, I’m happy’.

CK, Loveland, CO

When Tom began incorporating TDN I was apprehensive to try it, not due to a fear of needles, but due to it simply being unknown to me. He took the time to explain exactly what it was, the research behind it, what the immediate effects would be and what the longer benefits should be. As always, the decision was mine to try it or not and I am so glad that I did. While he took pictures to show me the difference when he used the technique on my knee, I did not need pictures for the improvement to my shoulder—even my volleyball team noticed and commented on it. I was so happy with the results that I recommended it to my parents. My father, in particular noticed a change as prior to the treatment he had to walk with a cane due to pain from lack of knee cartilage and he hasn’t used a cane since the treatment!

Advanced Physical Therapy and Fitness

D. Edsall

Thank you Dr. Thomas, at Advanced Physical Therapy, for all you did to keep me on the road during my long LONG miles and hours of training to prepare for my trip to France and up the Pyrenees mountains. I was successful and it was a dream come true. I could not have climbed for hours up both a category I and HC hill without the attention you gave to my neck, back shoulder and anything else that ailed me. Thank you for the last minute appointments, needling, popping, stretching, taping, basically using all your amazing techniques to help me to be triumphant! You’re the best and I will forever be eternally grateful! 🙂

Advanced Physical Therapy and Fitness


As a Veteran with service connected back and sciatic issues, pain management and relief had become hard to find. My leg would feel strangulated and constantly tingle. Inversion therapy, yoga, and even steroid injections into the spine didn’t help the constant pain. All the VA wanted to do was give me pain killers. There was no way I was having surgery. It seemed there was no end to pain in sight until I heard about Tom and his approach. After scheduling an appointment, we identified potential root causes and mapped out a treatment plan. I went from not being able to sit for over an hour in a vehicle to 8+ hour drives across country. Even though the extent of my injuries will be with me the rest of my life, receiving treatment from Tom has made all the difference.

L.L. – Greeley CO

I followed your advice EXACTLY and the problems with my heel/ankle resolved. I try to stretch numerous times throughout the day in an effort to loosen up my hips. I'm seeing a difference in many ways. 30 years of sitting at a desk takes its toll for sure. I really appreciate the follow up and I know where to find you for any future PT needs.

Advanced Physical Therapy and Fitness


I first sought treatment from Dr. Cleveland in 2014. I was struggling with sharp pain in my lower back and pain shooting down my leg. After a combination of in office treatment and an exercise plan I am feeling so much better. Because we have quite a bit of rental property I end up doing a lot of cleaning and painting, which for me, aggravates my back and shoulder and neck. I have continued to see Dr. Cleveland on an ongoing basis allowing me to stay feeling strong and pain free. I have appreciated his professionalism, his ability incorporate a range of treatments and his comfortable manner. I would highly recommend Dr. Cleveland to anyone needing a highly capable physical therapist.