Thomas Cleveland
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Kinesiology Taping

A. What Is Kinesiology Tape

This taping method has been around since the 1970’s. The intent of this taping method was to promote movement instead of restricting it with the traditional athletic taping methods.

B. What Does Kinesiology Tape Do

While we don’t know the exact mechanisms of why it works, these are the clinical theories.
i. The research jury is not conclusive yet, but what we do know is..
  1. Similar to Cupping, the elastic properties of the tape allow a gentle decompression force to be imparted to the subcutaneous tissues, promoting interstitial fluid flow (Blood and lymph), or Decompression of local tissues.
  2. Reduces local edema
  3. Reduces delayed onset muscle soreness post exercise
  4. Reduced thickness of plantar fascial tissue in those with plantar fasciitis.
  5. Promotes scar remodeling.
  1. Reduce pain
  2. Improve muscle function
  3. Improve joint proprioception
  4. Reduce Swelling and local inflammation
  5. Speed recovery and return to chosen activity or sport
  6. Use it post workout or sport for reduce post exercise muscle soreness
  1. The experience of this clinic is that this brand sticks the longest and is the most durable with respect to sport activities, even in water!

2. Stability Taping

a. In contrast to K Taping methods that promote body movement, stability taping is designed to restrict movement when necessary.

b. Stability tape is most commonly used in the knee, ankle, and foot regions to restrict movements that they body is not able to control by ligamentous support or muscular control.

The most common usage of this methodology is following an ankle sprain. Ankle sprains are the most common orthopedic injury in western culture, yet the least referred to PT by doctors, and the worst managed! Most ankle sprains in addition to a ‘low ankle injury’ include a ‘high ankle sprain’ which is the silent culprit for problems down the road. Mechanical breakdown of the foot ankle complex begins with the disturbance of any ligament group, and in the case of high ankle ligament instability common long term manifestations include plantar fasciitis, Achilles tendonitis, posterior tibial tendonitis, shin splints, bunions, ect. Believe it or not, there is one very simple stability taping method that can begin to control and reverse the pain associated with these mechanical dysfunctions. Call for more info!!!

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