Physical Therapy

Thomas Cleveland
Owner and Founder of Advanced PT and Fitness

Individual, Personalized, one-on-one treatment every session

Advanced Physical Therapy & Fitness provides individual, personalized, one-on-one treatment every session. To start out, there is a comprehensive neuromusculoskeletal evaluation conducted in order to determine the cause of your symptoms. This will also provide the necessary information needed for your therapist to determine the cause of your symptoms. This will also provide the necessary information needed to create you plan of treatment WITH you.

What is Physical Therapy and what can it do for me?

What are The Benifits of PT?

  1. Prevention | If you are active in recreational sports or just active with life, you can greatly reduce your risk of injury by consulting a PT and implementing their recommendations into your fitness/recreational program. PT’s specialize in movement screening and identifying any ‘at risk’ movement patterns that may lead to injury!
  2. Progression | APTF understands that issues in one region of the body can be linked to another region, so your plan of care will include all relevant body areas to maximize your outcomes! Some issues can only resolve and allow progression when all links of the bio-mechanical chain are addressed. APTF is also specially trained to help direct you in your current exercise program and provide guidelines to not only prevent injury but to progress based on your unique bio-mechanics!
  3. Reaction | Western Medicine is often ‘reactionary’ and waits until something does cause pain or does get injured or requires surgery. PT’s are better versed in physical rehab than any other medical profession and also specialize in post injury care.
  4. In other words,
    • APTF can help you avoid injury with a bio-mechanical screening
    • APTF can help you with post injury or post-surgical rehab to get you back to normal as soon as possible, typically in less time than other PT clinics based on specialty training and orthopedic certification!

what common issues and diagnoses can physical therapy help or treat?

what kind of treatmets are available in pT?

trigger point dry needling (tdn) aka intramuscular manual stimulation (ims) and Dynamic cupping.

CUPPING See Cupping Page for more details! Cupping Page

See TDN Page for more details!

manual therapy (aka ‘hands-on treatment’)

Mobilizations and Manipulations

Muscle Energy Techniques

Myo-Fascial Release, Soft Tissue Mobilization, Massage

Basic BENEFITS of manual THERAPY


modalities (equipment used to facilitate healing)

Basic Benefits of Modalities

exercise – see personal training page for more info about exercise!

Postural Re-Training

Home Exercise programs

Injury Prevention

General Rehab

Basic Benefits of Exercise

What Other People Just Like You Are Saying About Advanced Physical Therapy & Fitness In Greeley...

30+ 5-Star Reviews!

- Marsha G.


“Professional, knowledgeable, and a problem solver. Through various exercises, adjustments and needling, Dr. Cleveland has kept me moving. Very instrumental in helping recover from a rotator cuff surgery and an achilles tendon issue. Highly recommend.

- Kathryn C.


“Tom always takes the time to listen and then thoroughly explains his treatment plan for you. His genuine caring and compassion is what makes him such a great PT. I highly recommend him to anyone who needs a PT, whether for short or long term issues.”

- Jenna F.


“I am an ultra-runner and typically have multiple issues going on at once, and Thomas is always helpful. I was able to run a 50 mile race with an injury with his help. I consider his services to be an essential part of my training.”