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First Visit


What To Expect On The First Visit

On the first visit you will be taken through the evaluation process so you and the clinician can begin to establish your unique plan of care. Prior to the first visit it is important to have completed all of the new client paper work, as this will expedite the evaluation process (see links below). The first visit will cover a thorough medical history, biomechanical evaluation, and development of the plan of care that will be geared to getting you to your goals as fast as possible. The first visit is vital to establishing a starting point and identifying all musculoskeletal issues that will affect your outcomes. Also during the first visit, treatment will be initiated to address the issues identified during the evaluation.

Each Person Is Unique, As Is Each Evaluation and Treatment!

Please plan on 60 minutes for the initial evaluation. Each subsequent visit will typically be a minimum of 30 minutes up to a maximum of 60 minutes.

What To Fill Out

Please print out and complete the ‘New Patient Packet’. If you are an insurance patient or using ‘out of network’ insurance benefits, please fill out the insurance verification form also. Please bring the forms to the first session fully filled out to expedite the evaluation process.

*If you are unable to print and fill out the intake forms prior to the first visit please contact APTF prior to the scheduled visit so other arrangements can be made to supply you with the required paperwork.

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