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Thomas Cleveland
Owner and Founder of Advanced PT and Fitness

A lot of people think that back pain is nothing to worry about and that it will go away on its own. If your the lucky one that may be true, but the fact is, if you don’t take care of your back, the pain will either persist or come back soon, and may get worse!  It may also start ‘victimizing’ ‘other body areas like your hips, SI joints, knees, and feet!  And it’s not just “sleeping awkwardly” or a “spasm.” Back problems are actually very common and can be quite debilitating.

There’s no obvious reason why it happened – but it doesn’t seem to be changing!

You’re not the only one experiencing this pain. In fact, lower back pain and sciatica is one of the most regular problem we see in our clinic! When patients come in seeking relief, they all want to know…

“Why Is This Happening To Me?” Or, “Why Am I Still Suffering With Back Pain After Putting Up With It For 3-6 Months? (Sometimes More!)

People often mistakenly believe that back pain will simply go away eventually if left alone. However, this incorrect assumption can lead to months or even years of unnecessary suffering. Don’t wait around for your back pain to disappear on its own accord – get help from a professional today.

Does That Sound Like You?

Another common occurrence in our clinic is when people go to the Doctor, who tells them to rest and “take these painkillers” and “see how it goes.”

The reason for this is that no one wants to spend the money on a legitimate treatment. However, this isn’t usually the greatest advice, and they ultimately return to the doctor because it hasn’t improved. What’s worse, they’re frequently given yet another prescription for even stronger pills and told to rest even more. This is ridiculous, and it explains why so many people in the United States have chronic lower back discomfort.

Has This Type Of Thing Happened To You?

Why does lower back pain persist for so long when it shouldn’t? Because you’ve been given so many conflicting instructions by a number of diverse sources, it’s easy to get caught up in the confusion. There are lots of people out there who would gladly give advice – but much of it is unwarranted.

Although you might believe your back pain was brought on by a certain activity, it is actually the result of years of incorrect posture and movement. This causes lower back muscles to grow weak, and the initial event was merely the EFFECT of that.

If you have no idea what you’re doing, back pain might be a lot to comprehend. Because of this, many people just accept it as “part of life” – as if it’s normal and “just the way things are.” Why else does back discomfort linger longer than it should? It’s simple to get lost because you’ve been given so many conflicting instructions by a slew of different personalities. Many individuals are eager to assist – but much of the time, their advice is unreliable.

Do You Feel That Way Too?

If You’re Currently Living With Back Pain, Here’s 7 More Reasons Why It Could Be Lasting Longer Than It Should:

1. You thought it would go away on it’s own – but it didn’t

2. You went to the doctor who told you to rest and take painkillers – but the pills did nothing to help your back, and as soon as they wore off chronic back pain struck again

3. A family member, or friend, told you that everybody gets back pain as they get older, so you just accepted it

4. You tried other Healthcare Professionals, or a Physical Therapist in the past, but nothing they said or did seemed to help

5. You tried YouTube exercises but they either didn’t do a thing, or made your back pain ten times worse

6. You thought it would be a good idea to rest because your back pain was so bad, but all that did was make it feel even more stiff and tight

7. You decided to get a few “massages” hoping that would fix the pain, but all they did was feel nice and relaxing, and didn’t do anything to fix it long term

If any of these has happened to you, we’d be delighted to assist you by inviting you to make an appointment with our low back expert for a consultation to determine what may be done to assist you. The fact that you have already tried any or all of these things is actually a POSITIVE THING because it allows you to focus your efforts on the thing that does work!

To receive complimentary, professional advice over the phone, click the link below to book a call with us. There is no pressure to book any appointments after the call ends–our goal is simply to help you arrived at an informed decision.

“What Can I Do To Get Rid Of MY Back Pain Quickly?”...

Well, here’s 4 things you can do:

1. First off, you need to make a decision about getting help: – So many people put off dealing with their back pain for far too long, assuming that it will “just go away with time,” only to discover six months later that nothing has changed…or it’s gotten worse.

2. Next, do the RIGHT exercises: – The best methods to help you relieve your back discomfort are to perform the proper sequence of advanced exercises — the right exercises given to you by a Physiotherapist will aid in the reduction of pain and enable you to move freely again quickly — as well as ensure that the issues don’t return any time soon (or exacerbate your back more like some activities do).

3. Avoid sitting and long periods of rest: – If you have ever felt pain in your back after sitting or lying down for a while, you know how frustrating it can be. It’s important to stay active and not remain in one position for too long, as this will only make the pain worse. If you are looking for relief, consider strengthening exercises and hands-on treatment to get you back on your feet quickly.

4. Get real, “hands-on” Physical Therapy: – If you’re suffering from low-back pain, physical therapy can help. At Advanced Physical Therapy and Fitness, we see a lot of patients with this common injury. If your back pain is affecting your job or preventing you from being active, physical therapy can help you get back to living the life you deserve as quickly as possible.

If you would like to know how Advanced Physical Therapy and Fitness can help you live with less back pain – we invite you to start with a completely free, no-obligation, risk free appointment at our clinic:

Note: This Free Total Body Diagnostic session is something that we offer to people who are very nervous or skeptical about Physical Therapy – unsure of its benefits or if it is right for them. If that sounds like you, then please start with a Free Total Body Diagnostic session so that we can work with you to find out what is wrong and what can be done – without any financial risk on your part.

So The Next Question Is:

"How Can Choosing to See a Physical Therapist at Advanced Physical Therapy & Fitness Help You Get Rid of Your Back Pain - In The Next Few Days?"

Here’s just a few of the things our Physical Therapy Team can do for you:

If you’re tired of living with chronic back pain, we can help. Just click the button below and complete the short form to find out what it costs and check availability at our physical therapy clinic in Greeley, CO:

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